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Logic Games

Part of becoming a good computer expert is the ability and skill to be able to solve puzzles and riddles using logic and reasoning. This is an ability and skill that is learned and mastered through experience, together with reading and comprehension skills. Below you will find an assortment of different logic puzzles and games that are designed to help you begin to master and fine tune your logical reasoning ability.

  1. The River Crossing Test
  2. The Crimson Room
  3. The Viridian Room
  4. The Blue Chamber
  5. The Purple Room
  6. The White Room
  7. Escape the Plane
  8. Escape the basement
  9. Matching Memory
  10. Personality Test
  11. Elisa Artificial Intelligence
  12. Thunee - A card Game
  13. Space guy Puzzle
  14. Maths Addition
  15. Escape the Maze

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